Orion BNA 800i®

    Banknote authenticator


    • Full Color screen: 2.8” graphic lcd display.
    • Multi-currencies capability:
      Can recognize up to 10 currencies (optional).
    • Various count modes:
      Mixed / Single / Count / Denomination.
    • Enhanced counterfeit detection:
      Multichannels of UV / Full IR / MR
      Full color CIS.
    • Various sorting modes:
      (optional: serial number reading).
    • Dual user system:
      Two users can share one BNA 800i®.
    • Note Thickness: 0,08 – 0,12 mm.
    • Easy upgrade:
      Upgrade using usb memory stick or pc interface.
    • Easy jam removal:
      2 opening covers ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • BNA 800i®: Can be placed even on a small table.
    • Dustcover in front: no flying out of notes, less noise.
    Leaflet BNA 800i


    Orion BNS 1000i®

    Banknote sorter


    • Full fitness sorting:
      Detection of adhesive tape, soil, stain, grafiti, fold, tear, wrinkle, missing corner, hole, dog ears,
      ink wear, multiple overlapping of notes, thickness etc.
    • 5” full colour, touch screed (LED).
    • Various operation modes:
      Mixed / single / face / orient / count / fitness
      (ATM/Fit) Denominiation or Customized sorting.
    • Enhanced counterfeit detection:
      Magnetic sensor, UV sensor and IR sensor
    • Multi-currencies capability (optional: up to 10 different currencies).
    • Serial number reading: possibility to upload serial data.
    • Double CIS standard.
    • Various Report modes.
    • User friendly interfaces: easy Menu settings.
    • Easy upgrade:
      Using usb memory stick or via LAN (optional).
    • Easy jam removal and separate dust collection.
    Leaflet BNS 1000i


    Orion BNS 2000i®

    Banknote sorter


    • Full fitness Sorting: Detecting of adhesive tape, soil, stain, graffiti, fold, tear, wrinkle, missing corner, hole, dog ears,
      ink wear, multiple overlapping of notes, thickness etc.
    • 5″ full color, touch screen (LED), per pocket digital info, numbers per pocket.
    • Various operation modes:
      Mixed/single/face/orient/count/fitness / ATM Fit/ ATM / Denomination / Custom wise sorting / blacklist.
    • Enhanced counterfeit detection:
      Magnetic sensor/ UV sensor /IR sensor / Serial recognition / Thicness detection
    • Multi currencies capability:
      Can recognize up to 10 currencies (optional)
    • Standard Double Advanced CIS.
    • Serial number reading: possibility to upload serial data.
    • Various Reports.
    • Easy upgrade and reprogramming:
      Using USB memory stick AND/OR LAN port
    • User friendly Interface: easy menu settings.
    • Easy upgrade: using USB memory stick or over LAN (optional)
    • Easy Jam removal and separate dust collection.
    • Printer optional.
    Leaflet BNS 2000i


    HBS 1000®

    Banknote strapping system


    • Fully automatic strapping:
      Strapping the bundle with Polypropylene (PP) in three dimensions synchronously, without manually turning the bundle
    • Strapping mode:
      Bundle can be strapped with 1 long side band, 2 short side bands or a combination of all 3 bands
    • Fast strapping speed:
      Compared with existing machines
    • Tight and clean strapping:
      Double cross joint and adjustable strapping pressure
    • Strapping of old bank notes:
      Pre-press function ensures successful strapping
    • No contact melt-joint technology:
      Protected by patent
    • Safe and easy operation:
      Ergonomically designed, user friendly interface and closed strapping process
    • Protection from losing:
      Thight strapping makes losing and stealing impossible
    • Protection from loosening:
      Thight strapping by PP belt and double cross joint prevents loosening of the bundle
    • Environmentally friendly:
      No pre-heating, melting, bad smell or additional suction
    • Consumables Polypropylene belt, low cost
    Leaflet HBS 1000®


    HBB 900®

    Heavy Duty Bandingmachine


    • Automatic High speed banding Machine
    • Automatic activation through sensor or manual via start button
    • Rear or Side banding possible (adjustable)
    • New loop for each banding , quickly prepared
    • PE coated paper banding (white) as well as PP (Blanc) banding
    • Automatic tape feeding process (easy tape change)
    • High reliability, high capacity
    • Low noise machine, easy to handle
    • Universal banknote application (up to 10 bundles of 100 notes)
    • Slick design
    • Printed tape on request
    • 3 Width of banding available: 20 or 30 or 40 mm

    Leaflet HBB 900®


    Orion VNC 5000® Vacuum Note Counter

    Heavy Duty Vacuum Note Countingmachine


    • SPEED: 3.5 seconds / 100 banknotes
      Optimum for new & old banknotes
    • Automatic START, STOP and CLEARING function
    • BATCH, CHECK and FREE mode in counting
      BATCH: counts the notes per bundle
      CHECK: counts a preset number of notes
      FREE: counts the notes free entered in machine
    • Special individual ADD/accumulation memory for all modes
    • Suitable for all types / sizes of currencies world wide
    • High Accuracy Counting
    • Easy operating and maintenance
    • Advanced self diagnostic mode
    • Printer option
    • Low noise (< 70 Db)
    • Flawless clearing
    Leaflet HBB 900®



SCS International BV Cash handling: safe and secure.

Today, in the modern world, cash however still functions as the most spread way of payment. People all over the world find it the most trustworthy means of payment.

SCS International, a relatively new player in the market, is run by a board with many years experience in the cash handling industry. As a world wide player SCS International is willing to deal with clients and provide solutions all over the world. We design and develop the products which suit the need of the cash community.

The latest techniques and software developments are used to accomplish not only today’s but also for future needs in the banking environment. Be sure your money is safe and let SCS International help you to save costs in the handling of your cash!

SCS concentrates on the money handling equipment market, looking for solutions which fit as suitable as possible. Counting, sorting, banding or strapping all special designed by SCS International to make your money handling safer and more efficient. Dutch design and development guarantees the performance and quality of each product.


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